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What We Do

We are a Local & International entertainment company, focusing on music management, musicians, live bands, performing entertainment, and dancers. We develop unique and creative concepts, centered around each artist skill sets while allowing them to showcase themselves at live shows, corporate and televised events.


Whether your company is hosting a conference and you need entertainment for your guests. Not just any entertainment either. You want guests to get a taste of the hip hop and house culture in South Africa, you want the best live music. This is where we come in. We have the best upcoming rappers, singers and musicians available for live music in South Africa. Whether you just need to book for an evening or if you need to book for several evenings and possibly an entire day or two, we can fill the time you have so your guests will remember their time for a long time to come. 


Whether you are looking for hip hop, Trap or house artists, djs or your a music supervisor, director, Film/TV show creator or advertising agency, we have the artists, producers and djs in various genres that will fit your project perfectly. Contact us for songs, beats, quotes, and licensing.


Her at GAAIUS we discover, support and make a difference for our artists. We are at the forefront of the ever-changing music industry taking a customized, integrated and holistic approach in the music business. We have a shared love of developing talent and building a new music industry. This was the fire behind the launch of the company, and our relentless drive to do things differently remains at the core of our culture.







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